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Caring about our people, wildlife and land
The Nsumbu Tanganika Conservation Programme
Ndole Bay Lodge supports the NTCP through resource support and our annual Swim for Nsumbu Fundrasier event (see our events page for more info)

Nsumbu National Park (NNP) lies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia’s far north. A little-known protected area, Nsumbu remains an astounding array of pristine natural habitats including the endangered Sumbu-Itigi forests that still provide critical habitat to mega herbivores. The park forms the eastern most protected area of the much wider Nsumbu -Mweru Ecosystem, some 10,200km2 of wilderness linking two of the great lakes of Africa and encompassing a significant area of Lake Tanganyika waters, one of most biologically diverse habitats on earth.

In 2017 the Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Project (NTCP) was established under the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) to focus on securing a core wildlife area of 4,000km2 including NNP and the surrounding Game Management Areas and open areas, this is expanding to over 10,000kms over the new few years. Immediate law enforcement support to government through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) focused on protecting the remnant elephant population, protected lake waters and a vast undisturbed wilderness to lay a firm foundation for growth. The ability to leverage experience, collaboration and determination from the successful FZS North Luangwa project along with community stakeholder support led to a successful conservation intervention spanning infrastructure, human resource, equipment and funding capacity improvements which has in turn had a significant positive impact on the conservation landscape.

The recovery of the Nsumbu Tanganyika Ecosystem is underway. Increased and strategically planned activities in 2019 are cementing gains made, widening the positive impact and increasing the effectiveness of the intervention. Commitments made by stakeholders and supporters into 2020 will ensure the progress and success of the project; but further matching will support a rapid and enhanced recovery of iconic and threatened species such as lion and black rhino and the security of a globally significant ecosystem able to positively contribute to human well being and sustainability.

Community Empowerment

Ndole Bay Lodge supports the local community.
Staff Training & Enrichment

Almost all our staff are local residents of whom we have hired and trained on site. We train them to be the best that they can be and encourage them to progress and develop their skills and responsibility to move further in the company.

Ndole Primary School

So far we have brought electricity to our local primary school so they can use electronic resources, we have donated a second hand computer and educational books and also contributed to the building of teacher accommodations.

Supporting our Local Clinic

We have already donated wheelchairs for those in need to the clinic as well as special infant formula and products to help babies with severe allergies. We continue to help where possible.

Supporting Minority Groups

We actively support the Womens Group in Ndole by hiring them for small tasks to support their group. We also do the same for other rural villages such as our neighboring Mungela village group.

Local Artisans are encouraged to make items such as paintings, lampshades and bags for us to sell on their behalf in our curio shop. This helps to support the artistic community and have a place to showcase their works for financial gain.

Supporting Local Farmers & Fishermen

Wherever possible we buy local fruit and veggies from our local market growers so as to support community farming in the area as a form of employment.

We also practice Catch & Release fishing practices at Ndole Bay Lodge and purchase our fish from the local fishermen to support their industry.

Conservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge Zambia
Our next project..
Providing Basic Learning Technology to Ndole Village Primary School

We need enough donations to provide 40 learning I School Tablets for the students in Ndole Village Primary School plus 4 teacher version iSchool tablets and also 3 tvs and DVD players (1 for each classroom). 

The iSchool tablet computer goes hand-in-hand with the Zambian primary school curriculum. There are 1000s of lessons pre-loaded, covering the entire syllabus from Grade 1 to Grade 7, with the early grades in eight local languages.  All lessons are multi-media, with sound and imagery, voiced in English and, for the early grades, 8 local languages.

The total cost we need to raise is K88 240 (USD $8 824), so if you can help to make a difference please contact us to make a donation, every little bit counts!

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Conservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge ZambiaConservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge ZambiaConservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge ZambiaConservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge ZambiaConservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge ZambiaConservation Lake Tanganyika Accommodation Lodge Zambia